Top 4 Penis Sleeves


   Are you of those people who want to give your penis a boost in size and texture? Well, there are a good number of unique and cute best-selling Dick sleeves for you.  Dick sleeves will increase add texture, increase your girth and length of your penis instantly, and your partner will enjoy the play. In case you are new in the game, and wondering what a dick sleeve is, it is a sex accessory used during sex to give your manhood an extension.

 Here are the top categories of penis sleeves you can go for

  1. Real Feel Penis Enhancer With Mini Vibrator

  It has a stretchy material, which enhances your erection and keeps you hard for a long time.  It comes with a mini vibrator, which will offer you with intense clitoris stimulation.  They are very versatile, and the designation will give you maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

 The stretchy material is as lovely as it also accommodates almost any size.

 Real feel penis extension

 This is a phenomenal penis extension that is cable of adding about two inches to your cock, and turns you into a sex god. You can be sure that your partner will supper love the experience.   It will also increase your girth, and give your partner what they have been craving for years.

Another good thing about it is that its material is made from a material that feels like real skin. You know what this means, and in case you do not know, this means that it feels so real. Can I give you a room for imagination? There you go.

  They can be used with most vibrators and dildos, as they are compatible with many of them.

  • Mega Stretch Penis Extension In Pink

  This is all you need for you two to be on another different level in your sexual life. It is everything you can call satisfying.  It will please your partner by adding length and girth on your penis.  It is made of silicone material, which is stretchy and will provide you with perfect comfort, and warm your body temperature.

  • Vibrating Real Fell Two Inches Extension By Pipedream

  If you need to turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine, this is the Dick sleeve to choose.  You will be able to see that man you have always wanted to see in yourself, with the help of this penis sleeve. You will be able to satisfy your partner, and you will be happy.

  • Real Feel Enhancer

  They are safe, affordable and nonsurgical penis sleeves with the greatest satisfying pleasure ever.  It can be easily trimmed, at the tip, if it will bring problem fitting in a vagina. Another good thing is that they can be customized. By this, I mean that you can always go to the manufacturers, and let them make a Dick sleeve of your choice, under your instructions.


 Dick sleeves are crucial, especially if you need to add some pleasure and enjoyment in your bedroom and take your partner to the paradise they have never been to.  In addition to them you can also get a penis plug from Juno plugs for more balanced pleasure

Ita bag Wrld Tour’ Merch

In August 2018, ita bag from released her fourth studio album Queen. After changing her tour co-headliner a few months ago, the Ita bag Hndrxx Tour has a new name now and it is the Ita bag Wrld Tour. The Trinidadian diva has already kicked off the 22-date European tour and for this reason, a new merch collection has been released. The signature style of the Barb has been implemented into a set of several T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, a hoodie and a cap, as well as a cropped crewneck, all tagged with pink and purple letterings. Although the tour will cover only Europe, her fresh merchandise will be available for people from all across the globe.

Embracing her “Barbie” nature, Ita bag proves the ladies yet again that generally, everything pinkish goes. The “rap queen” has clearly created a movement with her demeanor and clothing style and her tour line doesn’t disappoint. The pieces are all emblazoned with graphic motifs that her fans can immediately recognize.

The tour has started and since then, the capsule has been up for sale on Ita bag’s official website. All pieces are designed and created by the Co-Creative Directors of Joe Perez Studios, Joe Perez and Jenna Marsh. With animated motifs in the front and the tour dates list on the back of each item, this tour merch proves that it is not to be taken lightly by critics and fans.

One of the T-shirt graphic depicts Onika Maraj riding a white unicorn with a “Barbie Dreams” tribute lettering on top, dedicating the piece to the hit single from her album. This design is a follow-up to the “Chun Li”-inspired one, another of the standout tracks from her Queen album.

The main theme in the clothing line is the female superstar’s world dominance. The rap goddess is overseeing the world holding baby bottles in her hand. Her famous “All these bitches is my sons!” tagline completes the look as this, along with other items with the “Ita bag stopped my bag” quote, are frank shots at her female rap nemesis, Cardi B. The “Bitch it’s King Kong” T-Shirt and hoodie also share the same mood as the graphic shows Ita bag flying a toy plane with her hand with the world in the background.

The machine behind the artist will surely capitalize on the merchandise sales but the price for value here is a bold claim on its own – the main pieces showcase a mix of originality and high-quality at a low price point. With T-shirts’ $30 price and the hoodies going for 55 and 60 dollars, the collection is quite affordable for its exclusivity. At the end of the day, it’s all a simple act of professionalism and dedication to the fan base.

To conclude, the Barb’s fans are definitely going to love her new exclusive collection and the items are bound to be out of stock soon. If you don’t make it to one of her shows, you can easily order her merch from her official website. After all, it’s a movement to move with.

The Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Mask: 4 Awesome Things About it


Tokyo Ghoul has been growing in popularity since its release in 2011. The anime/manga installment has amassed thousands of fans from all over the world. Tokyo Ghoul has become so popular that cosplay on Tokyo Ghoul and its characters is quite common. From the many characters on the show, the most cosplayed is Ken Kaneki, the main character of the first installment of Tokyo Ghoul. While there are many cosplay outfits and merchandise for the show being sold online, the best-selling piece is the Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki cosplay mask from because of the following reasons:

  1. It is a Vital Part of Ken Kaneki’s Character

In the storyline, ghouls have a need to consume human flesh. The main character, Ken, is turned into a half-ghoul and has no choice but to hunt for human flesh while keeping his identity hidden from others, which is why he wears a mask. His mask in the anime has become one of the trademarks of the series, and an iconic symbol in anime culture. Real anime lovers will always recognize Tokyo Ghoul when they see a Ken Kaneki cosplay mask.

  • It Completes your Ken Kaneki Cosplay Costume

For avid cosplayers and Tokyo Ghoul lovers, the tokyo ghoul mask is an absolute must-have. No matter what outfit you wear to a cosplay event, people will be able to which character you are cosplaying just from the mask. It saves you a lot of time and effort in trying to recreate Ken Kaneki’s look since you only need to put the mask on.

  • It is an Absolute Must Have for Tokyo Ghoul Fans

Since Tokyo Ghoul has gained fame and attention across Japan and around the world, many installments have been added after the first season. If you are a Tokyo Ghoul fan, Ken Kaneki’s signature mask remains as one of the poster images of the series. Even after a few seasons, Ken Kaneki memorabilia, specifically the cosplay mask, is still growing in popularity.

  • It can be Used on Halloween and Costume Parties

The Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki cosplay mask is not only used for cosplay and anime conventions but can be used on Halloween and costume parties. The mask does not only make you look cool but adds a unique touch to whatever costume you have in mind. Since it serves many purposes, you ultimately save money on Halloween costumes and scary outfits.


There are many reasons why the Ken Kaneki cosplay mask is awesome. Whether it is for memorabilia, cosplay use, or a fashion piece, the mask is great to have. The mask is perfect for all anime and Tokyo Ghoul fans and is currently one of the most popular anime merchandises in the market.  Many online stores sell different styles of Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki cosplay masks with varying quality. Not all shops guarantee high-quality products but is a popular online store that sells good quality Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki masks. 8